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Gentle reminder: Notice on ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE &FURNISHINGS SHOW VX东盟家具联合会线上展览会 (2021-02-25 00:00:00)

Posted on February 25, 2021


Dear Members, 
For your information, from March 9, 2021 to March 18, 2021, there will be a virtual exhibition, ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS SHOW 2021, VX (AIFFS 2021 VX) organised by the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC). 
Under this single platform, all AFIC council members will have the chance to exhibit their products to potential buyers from all over the world! 
Come and grab this rare opportunity by booking your space now with the ongoing Special Rate by February 28th, 2021. 
Below are the Visitor Registration link and social media pages for AIFFS 2021 VX:
Free Visitor Access Pass:
Facebook page :
Instagram page:
Interested to exhibit? Kindly contact our person in charge Ms. Xue Ying at +6010 – 265 6332 or email at for further details.
Thank you.
MFA Secretariat



致: 全体会员

东盟家具联合会将在2021年3月9日至18日举办一场线上展览会 (ASEAN INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS SHOW VX, AIFFS 2021 VX) 。此展览会汇聚了来自 8 个东盟国家的家具业者参展,及来自世界各地的买家。
随函附上注册链接与ASEANIFFSVX 的社交网页供参考。
 预知更多详情,请联络 Ms. Xue Ying, +6010 – 265 6332 或电邮至。
MFA 秘书处

CNY Chinese New Year Holidays Notice (2021-02-10 00:00:00)

Posted on February 10, 2021



Please be advised that our office will be closed on 11st February 2021 – 16th February 2021 for the Chinese New Year. We will resume work on Wednesday, 17th February 2021. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you “A Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!”


MFA Secretariat.











在此祝您         新年快乐,万事如意! 谢谢。


秘书处 启


The MPIC held a meeting of the Human Resources Committee原产部召开人力资源委员会会议 (2020-12-24 00:00:00)

Posted on December 24, 2020

Subjct: The MPIC held a meeting of the Human Resources Committee
Date: 22.12.2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 3.00pm
Location: Kementerian Perusahaaan Perladangan dan Komoditi (MPIC)

The purpose of this Special Committee ois to provide a platform for all industries to discuss and suggest solutions for all industries facing human resource shortages through this platform. This committee is chaired by Datuk Seri Wee Jeck Seng, Deputy Minister of the MPIC. Members include Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Malaysian Rubber Board (LGM), Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC), Malaysian Timber Council (MTC), Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA), Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), Malaysian Furniture Federation (MFC) and Muar Furniture Trade Association (MFA).

Dato Seri stated that it is not encouraged that the issue of foreign workers’ dormitories has been enlarged to broad newspaper reports, which will cause harm to the relevant industries, especially during the extraordinary period of time when the epidemic has not been controlled. Related issues should be discussed internally. 

1) In this meeting, En.Yushairi, an official of the Human Resources Department of Peninsular Malaysia (JTKSM), was invited to explain the foreign labor recalibration (Pelan Rekalibrasi PATI) implemented from November 16 to June 30, 2021. Manufacturers in need need to submit relevant foreign workers' information that needs to be recalibrate to the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) to apply for PATI certification (Verifikasi PATI), and then apply for foreign workers resettlement certificate (Perakuan) through the JTKSM online (ePPAX) system. Rekalibrasi). The fields allowed to apply are as follows: construction, manufacturing, plantation and agriculture. Details of the plan can be obtained at under its official website.

2) MFA has reported that after the announcement of this plan, some manufacturers in Johor, including Muar, have already faced the issue of escaping legal foreign workers (from legal to illegal, and later suspected of passing the above bleaching plan and bleaching as legal foreign workers), MFA urges the government to concerned about the above-mentioned escaping of foreign workers and has formulated strategies to prevent the occurrence of similar cases. MFA is urged to provide relevant data.

3) The MFA also reported to the Minister that Muar businesses are subject to the provisions of the local government, which stipulates that dormitories for foreign workers must be built on industrial land, which caused the original Muar manufacturers to face a serious shortage of industrial land.  The minister will study and discuss solutions after discuss with relevant departments.

4) MFA reminds JTKSM once again that on November 10, the meeting of the Committee on Labor Laws and Policies for the Furniture Industry will be discussed with the MFA regarding foreign workers’ dormitories as soon as possible.

5) The MFA Secretariat has downloaded from the official website of JTKSM and translated it into a Chinese version, about Pelan Rekalibrasi Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin (PATI) Foreign Workers Bleaching Program and Staff Dormitory Minimum Standard Guide (Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan, Penginapan dan Kemudahan Pekerja 1990) (Akta 446)) attached to the question and answer questions for members' reference.

Thank you!

MFA Secretariat

地点:Kementerian Perusahaaan Perladangan dan Komoditi (MPIC)
此种植和商品业劳动力特别委员会(JKTKSPIK)成立的宗旨是提供一个平台,让各业者能够通过此平台,针对各业者面对人力资源短缺的事项,一起进行讨论及建议解决方案。此委员会是由原产局副部长拿督斯里黄日升主持。成员包括马来西亚棕榈油局(MPOB),马来西亚橡胶局(LGM), 马来西亚木材工业局(MTIB), 马来西亚橡胶委员会(MRC), 马来西亚木材理事会(MTC), 马来西亚棕榈油协会(MPOA), 马来西亚橡胶手套制造商协会(MARGMA),马来西亚家具总会(MFC)及麻坡家具同业商会(MFA).
1) 这次的会议有邀请到马来西亚半岛人力资源部(JTKSM) 的官员En.Yushairi 讲解有关从11月16日开始至2021年6月30日为止所实行的外劳漂白计划( Pelan Rekalibrasi PATI ) 的申请程序。有需要的厂家需把有相关需要漂白的外劳资料提呈给马来西亚移民局(JIM) 申请PATI 认证(Verifikasi PATI), 过后才通过JTKSM之线上(ePPAX)系统申请外劳重新安置证书(Perakuan Rekalibrasi)。允许申请的领域如下:建筑业,制造业,种植业和農业。有关计划的详情可以在其官方网站下的 获得。
2) MFA 有反映此计划一宣布后,柔佛州包括麻坡有厂家已经面对合法外劳跑掉事项 (从合法变成非法,过后怀疑通过以上漂白计划,漂白为合法外劳) ,MFA 促请政府关注以上外劳逃跑事项,而拟出策略来防止类似案件的发生, MFA 受促提供有相关的数据。
3) MFA 同时也向部长做出反映,麻坡业者由于受到地方政府的条款约束,即规定外劳员工宿舍,一定要在工业地上面建设,使到原本麻坡厂家面对工业地严重短缺,雪上加霜。部长将会跟有相关的部门了解后, 研究和探讨出解决方案。
4) MFA 再次提醒JTKSM 于11月10日,所召开的有关家具业之劳动法规和政策委员会会议里有讨论将会下来与MFA一起讨论有关外劳宿舍的课题能够尽快进行。
5)MFA 秘书处已经从JTKSM之官方网站下载了及翻译成华文版,有关Pelan Rekalibrasi Pendatang Asing Tanpa Izin (PATI) 外劳漂白计划和员工宿舍最低标准指南 (Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan, Penginapan dan Kemudahan Pekerja 1990(Akta 446)) 之问答题附件,供会员参考。
MFA 秘书处   启

Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta (APS) 政府批准的私人就业机构(APS) (2020-12-24 00:00:00)

Posted on December 24, 2020

To all MFA members,

In order to prevent employers from facing the problem of illegal intermediaries when hiring foreign workers, MFA hereby urges the industry to carefully choose intermediary agents when hiring laborers, and ensure that the appointed intermediary agents have a license approved by the government.

Under the Private Employment Agencies (Amendment) Act 2017, private employment agencies can apply for A, B and C level licenses. Under the A-level license, Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta (APS) can only handle the recruitment of local workers; the B-level license can handle the recruitment of domestic and foreign workers in Malaysia and the recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia; under the C-level license, APS can handle Recruitment services for domestic and foreign laborers both locally and abroad. The Chamber of Commerce urges companies interested in hiring foreign or migrant workers to seek appropriate APS assistance according to the above-mentioned different levels.

The following are companies with government-approved licenses. For more details, please visit

List of APS:

MFA Secretariat



在2017年私人就业机构(修正)法令下,私人就业机构可申请A 、B 及C 级执照。在A 级执照下,APS 只能处理本地工人的招聘事务;B 级执照则可处理国内外劳在大马的招聘以及外劳在大马工作的招聘事务;在C 级执照下,APS 可处理国内外劳在本地及外国的招聘服务。本商会促有意聘请外劳或移民劳工的公司按上述不同级别,寻求适当的APS协助。


MFA 秘书处  启

Summary of Budget 2021 Incentives applicable to the Furniture Industry2021财政预算案有利于家具行业的奖掖措施 (2020-11-30 00:00:00)

Posted on November 30, 2020

Dear esteemed members, 

For your information, Budget 2021 contains several initiatives which might be beneficial to the furniture industry. 
Therefore together with this message we have attached short summary containing incentives we believe you are able to take advantage of. 

Best Regards
MFA Secretariat


致: 全体会员




MFA 秘书处

Program Saringan Prihatin (PSP) PERKESO新型冠状病毒关怀检验计划(PSP) (2020-11-30 00:00:00)

Posted on November 30, 2020

Dear esteemed members, 

As you all know, the National Security Council (NSC) on 20 November has decided that it is mandatory all foreign workers working in Selangor, WPKL, Labuan, Negeri Sembilan, Penang and Sabah to conduct Covid-19 swab test. The enforcement date on the swab test will be revealed in the near future by NSC. 

Hence, all foreign workers whom are PERKESO contributors and working in the aforementioned states shall be entitled for a subsidy up to RM 60.00 for every swab test under the Program Saringan Prihatin (PSP) PERKESO. The subsidy is only limited to a single test for every foreign worker. The cost shall be paid upfront by the employer before making a subsidy application from PERKESO. 

For the list of registered panel clinic conducting the test, kindly click

For more information, kindly contact PERKESO at 1-300-22-8000/ 03-4264 5089 or email at

Thank you.


所有在上述州属工作的外籍劳工,可在新型冠状病毒关怀检验计划(PSP)下获得社险机构 PERKESO 的补贴。社险机构将为每名外籍劳工提供一次性马币60的补贴。在获得社险机构检测费补贴之前,雇主需先支付相关费用。
更多详情可致电1-300-22-8000 / 03-42645089 或发送邮件至 


Posted on November 16, 2020


Dimaklumkan bahawa Ibu Pejabat MTIB yang beralamat di Tingkat 13-17 (Tower 1) dan Tingkat 9, 10 dan 12 (Tower 2) Menara PGRM, No. 8, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras akan ditutup sementara bermula 16 hingga 22 November 2020 berikutan kerja-kerja sanitasi yang akan dijalankan oleh pihak pengurusan bangunan Menara PGRM.

MTIB telah mengatur pengoperasian aktiviti utama MTIB seperti berikut :

1)Pendaftaran, Pelesenan, Pemeriksaan Fizikal

2) Lain-lain 

Sekian, Terima kasih

MFA Secreteriat


致: 全体会员

谨此告知,MTIB 来函通知位于吉隆坡总办事处,将进行消毒工作。

日期: 16/11/2020 - 22/11/2020。


1)Pendaftaran, Pelesenan, Pemeriksaan Fizikal

2) Lain-lain 


JFA 秘书处

Notice on Recalibration Plan for Illegal Immigrants 启动合法化非法外劳计划 (2020-11-13 00:00:00)

Posted on November 13, 2020

Dear members, 
Notice on Recalibration Plan for Illegal Immigrants 
For your information, the government on 21 October 2020 has agreed for the implementation of the Pelan Rekalibrasi Pendatang Tanpa Izin (PATI) / Recalibration Plan for Illegal Immigrants from 16 November 2020 to 30 June 2021 where there will be two major components: 
a) Program Rekalibrasi Pulang where PATI will be allowed to return to their countries voluntarily in accordance to certain requirements
b) Program Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja where PATIs will be regularised/ transformed as a legal worker
It has been decided that only employers from the construction, manufacturing, plantation and agriculture sector deemed as 3D (dirty, difficult and dangerous) will be allowed to employ these PATI’s during the implementation of the Pelan Rekalibrasi PATI. However the freezing of entry of new foreign workers shall be continued. 
After 30 June 2021, the full enforcement will be conducted, and errant employers found guilty of employing PATI will be given the maximum sentence of RM 50,000 or prison up to 12 months or both for every Illegal Immigrants employed. For those whom employed more than 5 Illegal Immigrants, the employer will be given whipping punishment as well. 
The application for appointment regarding the aforementioned Pelan Rekalibrasi shall commence on 16 November 2020. 
Interested employers can contact the Immigration Department at 03- 6205 7400 and Department of Labour Peninsula Malaysia at 03- 8886 5192 for further details. 
Thang you 
MFA Secretariat


致: 全体会员
谨此通知,政府将从 2020年11月16日至2021年6月30日启动 “合法化非法外劳计划”。当中两个主要部分为:
a) Program Rekalibrasi Pulang, 无证劳工将按照某些特定要求,被允许自愿返回各自国家。
b) Program Rekalibrasi Tenaga Kerja ,在一定的条件下, “合法化” 无证件外劳。
政府 只允许建筑业、制造业、种植和农业部门,这3类被视为3D(肮脏、困难和危险)行业的雇主才能在实施“合法化非法外劳计划”期间聘请符合资格的劳工。但,国家也将继续冻结引进新外籍劳工。
执法单位将在 2021年6月30日之后全面执行,如果雇主因聘请非法外劳而被判有罪, 最高可判处50,000令吉或监禁12个月,或两者兼施。至于聘请 超过5名非法外劳的雇主,除了上述惩罚,也将加上鞭刑。
有兴趣的雇主可拨打 移民局热线03-6205 7400,马来西亚半岛劳工局热线03-8886 5192,以获取更多详情。
MFA 秘书处

MATRADE Market Development Grant (MDG) and Exporter Training Programme (ETP)马来西亚对外贸易发展局针对当前的 Covid-19疫情,为其线上出口促销推出了 2020 年市场开发援助金(MDG) (2020-11-06 00:00:00)

Posted on November 06, 2020

Dear members, 
Subject: MATRADE Market Development Grant (MDG) and Exporter Training Programme (ETP) 
For your information, MATRADE has introduced the guidelines of the Market Development Grant 2020 (MDG) for online export promotions in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic. 
Among the major guidelines for this year’s MDG are:
1) Allow SMEs to claim certain expenses for participation in virtual trade events promoting export starting from 1 July 2020
2) Eligible applicants (i.e. Malaysian SME’s, Trade and Industry Association, Chamber of Commerce etc) can apply reimbursement grants for activities under 2 categories which are virtual international trade fairs (held in Malaysia or overseas) and virtual trade promotion missions (Business to Business Meetings)  
Further information of the MDG can be accessed through
Enquiries pertaining to the MDG can also be contacted at 03- 6207 7593 or 
In another separate matter, MATRADE has been organising seminars and workshops under the Exporters Training Programme (ETP) to guide and improve the knowledge of would-be exporters to increase their competitiveness. Among the issues covered are standards, tariffs, IP, product packaging and design etc. 
For further information on this ETP, kindly visit
Thank you.
"We serve the Furniture Industry"
Thanks & Regards,
Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)
Lot 19A, 19th Floor, Menara PGRM
8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-9282 2333
Fax: +603-9286 2296


致: 全体会员:
兹转发总会(MFC) 电邮。
事项 :马来西亚对外贸易发展局针对当前的 Covid-19疫情,为其线上出口促销推出了 2020 年市场开发援助金(MDG)

或联系03-6207 7593, 
欲知更多 ETP 的详情,请点击
MFA 秘书处

PERKESO has released a set of FAQ regarding the rehiring of foreign workers重新聘请外籍劳工(已经在马来西亚的劳工)的常见问题解答 (2020-11-02 00:00:00)

Posted on November 02, 2020

Dear members, 
For your information, PERKESO has released a set of FAQ regarding the rehiring of foreign workers (those already in the country) through the MYFutureJobs Portal and it has clearly stated the main emphasis is still on enabling locals to find employment before moving on to foreign workers. 
The employment of new foreign workers (those outside of Malaysia) is still frozen until 31 December 2020. 
Among the steps needed to be taken are: 
1)Register at MyFutureJobs for 30 days with all the necessary information provided such as name of the position, academic qualification, salary, scope of duty, skills and competency for every posting in MYFutureJobs
2)After the advertising the vacancy, employers are required to fill in the Borang PAPD: Permohonan Pengesyoran MYFurtureJobs at within 3 days of the advertising 
3)Employers have to conduct the interview within 30 days of the advertising and provide the report of the interview process to PERKESO through the Laporan Pengambilan Pekerja (compulsory) after the advertising period expires.  
4)The Laporan Pengambilan Pekerja is mandatory to be filled for every position advertised 
5)The interview process can be conducted at any employer premises, PERKESO office, JTK office or any interview session organised by PERKESO. Representatives of PERKESO will not be directly involved in the interview process. 
6)After the time period (30 days) of advertising at MYFutureJobs, employers can make the next application at the ePPAx system for foreign workers.  For ePPAx system enquiries, employers can contact JTK at 03- 8886 5192 or  
The advertising of the vacancy at other job portals is up to the discretion of the employer himself. However the advertising at MYFutureJobs is mandatory which can be done through
For further information kindly refer to both FAQ and Laporan Pengambilan Pekerja attached with this message or contact PERKSEO at 1300-22-8000/ 03- 8091 5300 or email 
Best Regards 


兹转发总会(MFC) 信息。
谨此通知,社险(PERKESO)刚发布有关欲通过 MYFutureJobs 网站,重新聘请外籍劳工(已经在马来西亚的劳工)的常见问题解答。里头明确指出,主要须先确保本地人受聘,后才考虑聘请外籍劳工。
1. 先在 MyFutureJobs刊登30 天广告,提供所有必要的信息,如职位、和每个职位所需的学历要求、薪金、职责范围所需技能和条件。
2. 在广告刊登后的3天内,雇主必须通过 填写PAPD表格:Permohonan Pengesyoran MYFurtureJobs
3. 雇主必须在广告刊登后的30天内进行面试,并在广告期结束后必须向社险(PERKESO)提交面试过程和报告(Laporan Pengambilan Perkeja)。
4. 每给刊登的职位都必须填写Laporan Pengambilan Perkeja。
5. 面试过程可以在任何雇主办公处、社险办公室、JTK 办公室,或任何有社险安排的面试活动。社险代表不会直接参与面试过程。
6. 在 MYFutureJobs 刊登广告的30 天后,雇主可在 ePPAx 为外籍劳工进行登记。有关ePPAx系统疑问,可拨打03-8886 5192或 查询。
雇主能自行决定在其他招聘网站刊登广告。然而,在MYFutureJobs 刊登招聘广告是强制性的,并可通过 进行。
欲知更多详情,请参阅常见问题解答,及随函附上的 Laporan Pengambilan Pekerja表格;或联系社险 PERKESO 热线1300-22-8000 / 03-8091 5300,。

Notice regarding new requirement for foreign worker emplyment雇用外籍劳工通知 (2020-10-28 00:00:00)

Posted on October 28, 2020

Dear members, 
Notice regarding new requirement for foreign worker emplyment
For your information, starting from November 1, 2020, all employers seeking to employ foreign workers through the re-hiring programme are required to advertise the related vacancies first in the national job portal ‘MYFutureJobs’. 
It is compulsory to publish the name of the position, salary offered, academic qualification as well as skills/ competency required at the job portal. 
The advertising of the jobs in the portal shall not be less than 14 days for the re-hiring programme of foreign workers (those already in the country currently). This will be followed by an interview session by representatives of the employer and PERKESO.  
At the same time, employers are required to register and apply through the Sistem Pengurusan Pekerja Asing Bersepadu (ePPAX) as a requirement to comply with labour legislation relating to foreign workers. 
As an additional disclaimer, all employers who previously used JobsMalaysia will be re-directed to MYFutureJobs to ensure it remains a single window for prioritizing Malaysians in job searching. 
For further information kindly refer to the press statement we have attached together with this message. 
Best Regards 
MFC Secretariat


致: 全体会员
兹转发总会(MFC) 电邮。
事项: 雇用外籍劳工通知。
谨此通知,从 2020年11月1日起,所有欲通过再就业计划聘请外籍劳工的雇主都必须先在全国求职网站MYFutureJobs 上刊登相关职位空缺的广告。
雇主也须向Sistem Pengurusan Pekerja Asing Bersepadu (ePPAX) 登记和申请,并遵守与外籍劳工有关的劳工法。
马来西亚家具总会秘书处      启

Engagement with SME Associations and Business Chambers, 16 October 2020, 11.00 A.M 马来西亚国家银行将与中小企业公会和商会探讨银行提供的延期还贷课题事项 (2020-10-08 00:00:00)

Posted on October 08, 2020

Subject: Engagement with SME Associations and Business Chambers, 16 October 2020, 11.00 A.M 
Dear members, 
For your information, Bank Negara will be conducting an engagement with SME Association and Business Chambers to discuss regarding the issues or complaints regarding the repayment assistance offered by banks during this Covid-19 pandemic. 
The details of the engagement session are as follows:
Date: 16 October 2020 (Friday) 
Time: 11.00 am – 12.00pm
Venue: Virtual (Microsoft Teams) / Link will be provided later

A complaint form has been attached regarding any issues you wish to raise during the Engagement and can be submitted to by 12 October 2020 (Monday).
Interested individuals can fill up the attendance form and submit to Puan Maimun at or Nur Marahakim Nordin at by 12 October 2020 (Monday). 
For further information regarding the session, please contact En. Hasmiron at 011-1027 2672 or Nur Marahakim Nordin at 013-274 8993.
Thank you.
MFC Secretariat
"We serve the Furniture Industry"
Thanks & Regards,
Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC)
Lot 19A, 19th Floor, Menara PGRM
8 Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-9282 2333
Fax: +603-9286 2296


兹转发总会(MFC) 电邮。
事项:马来西亚国家银行将与中小企业公会和商会探讨有关 COVID-19期间,银行提供的延期还贷课题。
时间:上午11 时

随函附上表格以供您阐明所面对的问题和投诉,请於 12.10.2020 星期一 前电邮至
有兴趣出席者,请向 Puan Maimun 电邮  或 Nur Marahakim Nordin 电邮  提交登记表格。
欲知更多详情,请联系En. Hasmiron 011-1027 2672 或 Nur Marahakim Nordin  013-274 8993.

Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan dan Kemudahan Pekerja (Pindaan) 2019 (Akta 446)2019年修订的1990员工房屋,住宿和设施基本标准(446法令) (2020-09-02 00:00:00)

Posted on September 02, 2020

Kepada : Ahli-ahli MFA ( HR Department ) 

Perkara I : Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan dan Kemudahan Pekerja (Pindaan) 2019 (Akta 446)
Pada Mei 2020, Kementerian Sumber Manusia bahawa Akta Standard Minimum Perumahan dan Kemudahan Pekerja (Pindaan) 2019 (Akta 446) akan berkuat kuasa pada 01 Jun 2020 dan dilaksanakan sepenuhnya mulai 01 Sep 2020.

Akta tersebut akan diperluaskan kepada semua sektor industri. Majikan mesti menyediakan asrama pekerja mengikut Garis Panduan Asrama Pekerja Asing 2018 dan mencapai tahap minimum dalam penyediaan asrama pekerja asing.Pihak MFA menyeru ahli-ahli MFA untuk memperhatikan isu semasa di atas dan meningkatkan standard asrama bagi pekerja asing mengikut tahap minimum dan secara berperingkat untuk mengelakkan tindakan diambil oleh pihak berkuatkuasa.
Pihak MFA baru menerima pemberitahuan daripada pihak JTK Muar mengenai peraturan-peraturan standard minimum perumahan, penginapan dan kemudahan pekerja, termasuk  Kadar Sewa Atau Caj Maksimum Bagi Penginapan 2020 – P.U(A) 249 dan FI Pemprosesan Bagi Permohonan Perakuan Penginapan 2020 – P.U.(A) 248. Ahli-ahli diminta memberi perhatian terhadap dokumen yang dikemukakan oleh pihak JTK. Dokumen berkenaan akan diterjermahkan dalam bahasa mandarin untuk rujukan ahli-ahli, segala ketepatan peraturan-peraturan adalah berdasarkan dokuman asal yang dikemukakan oleh pihak JTK ( Sila rujuk pada Lampiran 1&2).

Untuk perakuan penginapan, ahli-ahli boleh melayari portal rasmi MOHR, iaitu untuk membuat pemohonan tersebut.

Untuk Garis Panduan Asrama Pekerja Asing 2018 dan versi bahasa mandarin, ahli-ahli boleh merujuk pada lampiran-lampiran yang disertakan.

Notis :  Maklumat Garis panduan Asrama Pekerja Asing adalah diperolehi dari Jabatan Tenaga Kerja ( Caw. Muar).  Pihak MFA menjermahkan GARIS PANDUAN PENETAPAN STANDARD MINIMUM PENGINAPAN PEKERJA ASING 2018 (LAMPIRAN) dalam versi Bahasa Mandarin hanya untuk rujukan ahli-ahli sahaja. Ketepatan maklumat akan berdasarkan Garis panduan Asrama Pekerja Asing 2018 yang asal.
Perkara II : Borang Maklumat Pengajian Pekerja Yang Dikemukakan oleh Pihak JTK

Menurut pegawai dari JTK Muar, disebabkan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan, pegawai JTK tidak dapat melawat ke kilang perabot untuk berjumpa dengan kakitangan jabatan sumber manusia khususnya untuk mengemas kini dan penyemakan maklumat kakitangan. Oleh itu, JTK Muar berharap agar pihak MFA boleh menghantarkan Borang Maklumat PengajianPekerja (Sila Rujuk Pada Lampiran 3) kepada ahli-ahli untuk mengemaskinikan maklumat pekerja. Pihak MFA berharap ahli-ahli boleh mengisi borang tersebut dan emel ke sebelum 10 September 2020.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan mengenai perkara-perkara yang disebut di atas, ahli-ahli boleh terus menghubungi pegawai JTK Muar.

Nama Pegawai : En. Ramnath  / En. Sharol
No. Tel : 06-9511672 / 06-9520625
Sekian, Terima Kasih.
Sekretariat MFA

致:全体会员 ( HR Department )
事项 1 :2019年修订的1990员工房屋,住宿和设施基本标准(446法令)

根据人力资源部与2020年5月的宣布, 2019年修订的1990员工房屋,住宿和设施基本标准(446法令),将会在2020年6月1日生效,并在2020年9月1日正式执法。上述的法令将扩大到各个行业的员工宿舍。雇主必须根据2018年外劳宿舍指南为最低标准建立员工宿舍。
本商会于此呼吁会员们多加注意以上事项,并逐步提升外劳宿舍标准,以避免被执法单位取缔。本商会也刚接获人力局发出有关上述法令的条例, 包括雇主可征收住宿租金金额P.U.(A)249 (请参阅附件1) 与及向人力局申请员工房屋,住宿和设施基本标准认证书的手续费- P.U.(A)248(请参阅附件2),请会员们留意。以上的相关文件重点翻译为中文供会员们作参考。所有的条例将依据人力局发出的原文(请参阅Lampiran 1 & 2 )。
至于申请员工房屋,住宿和设施基本标准认证书,会员们可到人力局官方网站 进行申请。
免责声明:外劳宿舍指南资料取自于麻坡人力局。本商会是依据 GARIS PANDUAN PENETAPAN STANDARD MINIMUM PENGINAPAN PEKERJA ASING 2018 (LAMPIRAN)的资料重点进行中文翻译供会员进行参考。资料的准确性将以国文原版为标准。

麻坡人力据官员表示由于复苏式行动管制令的缘故,所以官员们无法到各大家具厂与人力资源部职员接洽并进行员工资料相关事项的更新与审核。因此,麻坡人力局希望通过本商会将员工资料更新表格(请参阅Lampiran 3 :BORANG MAKLUMAT PENGAJIAN PEKERJA)发布给会员进行填写。 希望会员们能将相关资料填妥后,于2020年9月10日前电邮至
负责官员:En. Ramnath / En Sharol
联系号码:06-9511672 / 069520625
MFA 秘书处 启

Volvo Car Malaysia Corporate Program 2020 with MFC 沃尔沃(Volvo)向所有总会会员推出其独家企业回馈计划 (2020-08-24 00:00:00)

Posted on August 24, 2020

Dear esteemed MFC members,

Volvo is currently offering their Corporate Programme to all MFC members.

Among the benefits are: 

1)All Volvo cars sold in Malaysia via Volvo 14 dealers (exclude XC40 T5 and XC60 T5 models) are entitled for a 6% corporate discount from the first unit

2)For Volvo S90 model (until 31 Dec 2020) through Volvo 14 dealers are entitled for a 10% corporate discount from the first unit.

3)Spouses are eligible for this Corporate Programme

4)Vehicles can be registered under company or personal registration

For more information, kindly browse through the catalogue we have attached. Interested applicants please contact MFC Secretariat at 03-9282 2333

Thank you.


兹转发总会(MFC) 电邮。


1) 所有通过14家马来西亚Volvo经销商购入的第一辆车(不包括XC40 T5和XC60 T5车型)都能获得 6% 的企业折扣。
2)从今天至2020年12月31日,通过14家马来西亚Volvo经销商购入的第一辆 S90,可获得 10% 企业折扣。 
3) 配偶也获资格参加此回扣优惠
4) 车辆可登记在公司或个人名下
更多详情,请联络总会秘书处03-9382 2333或电邮至。参阅附件以了解更多折扣率、福利、条款及条件等相关信息。


Registration and licensing procedure for Importation 向 MTIB申请进口刨花板Chipboard(4410)和纤维板Fiberboard(4411)准证 (2020-08-18 00:00:00)

Posted on August 18, 2020

To: MFA  members, 
Based on the MTIB letter below dated 17 August 2020, please be informed that all importation of Chipboard (4410) and Fiberboard (4411) shall require import license from MTIB. This is in line with regulation of the panel industries and this new requirement will be gazetted by the government in the near future in the Customs (Prohibition of Import) Order. 
In accordance to Section 13 of Act 105, all importers are required register with MTIB. Please refer to the attached documents and links for application details and application form. 
1) Tarikh berkuatkuasa : 17 Oct 2020
2) Free registration
For any enquiries, please contact Mr Mazree Iman or Mr Mohd Razman from MTIB Licensing Unit at 03- 9282 2235 ext. 1289/1375 or 

MFA Secretariat

致: 全体会员
兹转发总会(MFC) 讯息。
事项: 依据马来西亚木材工业局(MTIB)2020年8月17日来函,所有的进口刨花板Chipboard(4410)和纤维板Fiberboard(4411)须获取 MTIB 进口准证,这是为了进行面板行业的监管规定,而近期政府也将於《海关禁止进口令》中宣部。 
有关MTIB, 4410 & 4411 项目需要申请进口准证事项: 
1) 生效日期 : 17 Oct 2020
2) 免费登记
3) 如果申请资料齐全,1或者2 天就可以获得批准。
有关申请详情和表格,请点击 和参阅附件。 
如有任何疑问,请致电MTIB 发证单位Mr Mazree Iman 或 Mr Mohd Razman 03- 9282 2235 分线1289/1375 或 
MFA 秘书处